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Race Season is A'coming

Lovers_in_leatherI used to think of February as just winter and spent my time in the Appalachian mountains playing on snowboards.  This February the story is very different. I'm facing a to-do list filled with building motorcycles, repairing or replacing leathers and other gear, planning for gym time that should have started four months ago and trying to arrange a master schedule for 2013 that will work for my fiancé, Ryan Haddock, and me.  My name is Jessica Butel and I love to ride motorcycles.

Last night, Ryan and I were pouring over the calendar, trying to arrange our schedules so that we can still see each other once spring rolls in.  You see, Ryan is AMA Supersport racer #104, while I compete in WERA Regional and National events.  The season-opening Daytona AMA round just happens to fall on the same weekend as the First WERA National.  Luckily, it looks like his races will be on Friday and Saturday, so it is only a small matter of throwing everything in the trailer and hauling butt Saturday night from Daytona Beach, Florida to Savannah, Georgia so that I can race at Roebling Road Raceway on Sunday.

If that was the extent of it, our schedule might not be too stressful but you have to remember that we race Ryan_and_Jessicabecause we love to ride.  In addition to racing, Ryan helps with the Jason DiSalvo Speed Academy (JDSA) and I coach with Sportbike Track Time (STT) which adds in more hurdles.  Although, I have to say that we are super lucky that JDSA and STT partner up at many events, which gives us a chance to spend the occasional weekend together.

Racer_and_umbrella_girlLooking ahead is scary, not just because what we do is very risky, but also because the to-do list to get ready for this race season is so long.  If it all seems like too much to handle, I sit down and take a few moments to ride some laps in my head.  When I concentrate on Barber Motorsports Park, Talladega Grand Prix, or Road Atlanta, I remember the excitement and love that comes with settling your knee on the asphalt for the first time or the sound of the motor in your ears.  Am I stressed and worried about everything coming together for the 2013 season?  Yea.  Is it worth it?  Heck yea!

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