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For whom the Bell tolls.

Steampunk_quoth_the_ravenJust last month, we did a track test of the Bell RS-1 helmet, finding it to be every bit as nice as its older brother, the Bell Star.  No sooner

had we published the article than Bell informed us that they'd added some new graphics to the RS-1 line.  Arriving just in time for a Halloween ride, our straight-up favorite is a Gothic inspired cog-fest called Steampunk.  In typical Bell fashion, this paint scheme is far better looking in person than any picture will ever capture.  The monsters around our office went wild when we opened the box.  Every gargoyle and dragon in the joint was trying to claim it for their own.

Remember back in high school, when everybody fell into one social clique or another?  We'd have killed for this lid back then.  Yep, we were gearheads...

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