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Go-fast graphics for pro heroes and mere mortals


The camera pans the AMA grid, following Greg White and his microphone from bike to bike.  Provided that you can rip your eyes away from the umbrella girls, the next thing you'll probably notice is that every top rider has his (or her) name emblazoned on the windscreen, along with

some really nifty cartoon avatar.  Stroll through the Pro paddock at an AMA race and you'll find a similar decal stuck to each machine's tail section, just behind where the rider sits.  These go-fast graphics have become required equipment for the seriously fast crowd.  Could you even be a professional motorcycle racer without them?

Drippinwet_collectionAs you probably already know,DrippinWet.com is the source of all this high velocity vinyl artwork.  Their site is currently under construction but you can find them via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on Facebook. Owner Chris Kruzel is the man who makes it happen. He can create literally anything you want, including reproduction graphics for obsolete sportbikes. Drippinwet's following in the Aprilia community is almost cult-like, simply because he regularly recreates the unobtainable for lovers of that Italian brand.  Kruzel's company also specializes in number plates custom made to fit the complex noses and tails of modern race fiberglass, as well as numbers, sponsor decals or just about anything you can dream up.

Onwiler_decalWant to look every bit as cool as your Superbike heroes?  Who wouldn't?  Of course, such custom artwork must be way beyond the means of the average racetrack rider, right?  Actually, no.   Drippinwet.com can create custom windscreen and tail section callouts just for you.  The average cost for simple decals like those in the accompanying pictures is $60 for design work and includes the first set of two windscreen stickers and one for the tail.  Additional sets run $15 each.  See?  You can afford them!   Will a set of Drippinwet graphics make you faster?  Seriously, how could they not?

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