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Get 'em while they're unknown

Nothing is cooler than being ahead of the curve.  If you've ever seen a band before they got famous or owned an iconic vehicle before it attained cult status, you know what we mean.  Having been in the know about something before it got big gives you bragging rights!  Famous racers fall into this category as well.  Everyone who's ever watched a future star early on has a proud story to tell.  (Don't get K3 started about the day he punted a 15-year-old Blake Young into the gravel trap at Road America during a CCS race...)

De_Keyrel_hoodie_frontThis summer, we ran an article called De Keyrel Dynasty, introducing readers to Kaleb and Mason De Keyrel.  The boys have already won more races than most of us will ever dream of and they've got their sights set on the pros.  If talent counts for more than money, these kids may just be the next great brother act in motorcycle racing.  Of course, brand building is an important part of any racer's journey to the top.  This stylish piece of clothing is about getting more people interested in these talented young racers.

The De Keyrel Racing hoodie can be yours for $30, shipped to your door.  That's serious value.  Try buying a sweatshirt at Wal Mart and mailing it to a relative for Christmas.  You'll quickly realize that De Keyrel Racing isn't making a penny on this offering.  The garment itself is a very comfortable and well made 50/50 cotton-polyester blend and the De Keyrel Racing logo appears full-sized on both the front and the back.  As it arrives, this hoodie is a handsome piece of clothing that you'll be proud to wear but picture this:  It's 2024 and you're at the Laguna Seca MotoGP round, cheering on Kaleb and Mason while wearing your faded, worn to a rag De Keyrel Racing hoodie.  How cool would that be?

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