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No-stick style

If you've worn a leather racing suit over shorts and a tee shirt, you know exactly how a butterfly must feel as it emerges from its cocoon.

You'd almost think that sweat was glue, for all the effort required to peel damp leathers off your molten skin on a 90 degree day.  MOTO-D Racing has an economical and stylish solution to that problem.

Moto-D_chest_logosThe MOTO-D Racing suit liner costs a mere $59.95, which makes it much cheaper than similar garments sold by companies with iconic logos.  The fabric is very comfortable and wicks sweat quite effectively.  We tested the suit liner at Speed Academy last month.  This school keeps you so busy that you never get a chance to remove your leathers and the MOTO-D Racing liner kept us quite comfortable on and off the bike, as well as in the classroom.  The liner is also claimed to increase rider flexibility and reduce fatigue.

So where does the stylish part come in?  You can have your team's logo on the chest for an extra $10!  There is a minimum order of 10 pieces for this service.

trackdaymag_300dpiMOTO-D Racing (Summer / All-Season) Undersuit

1-piece easy-fit compression undersuit body skin

For all body types, wicks moisture and perspiration away from the skin helping regulate body temperature keeping you COOL during hot weather riding

Nylon spandex blend is soft, smooth, stretchy, and breathable
Slide in and out of racing leathers with ease
Racing footstraps (keeps suit in position)
1-year warranty
MSRP: $59.95

Four (4) sizes: Small (140 - 170lbs., 36/38 chest), Medium (170 - 200lbs., 40/42 chest), Large (200 - 230lbs., 44/46 chest), X-Large (230 - 260lbs., 48/50 chest)

See pics in the link at:

http://motodracing.com/motorcycle_undersuit.html or call (646) 645-6825 for more info.

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