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NO-MAR Classic Model Tire Changer

Swap your own tires at home or at the track

Have you ever paid someone to gouge up your motorcycle's wheels?  It's happened to all of

us at some point.  You bring in your bike for a tire change and when you get it back, your previously pristine wheels are scratched.  Needless to say, the shop owner will insist that the damage was already there and will do exactly nothing about making things right.  How much did you pay him for that?  GRRRR!

NO-MAR has the solution.  Their lineup of tire changers is designed so that during a swap, no metal ever comes No_Mar_comp_1into contact with your rim.  The unit that we're featuring here is their Classic Model.  This is NO-MAR's least expensive offering but don't let that fool you.  For a non-commercial, hobbyist application, the Classic Model is probably your best choice.  It's light, compact and best of all, there's a way to use your tow vehicle's trailer hitch to mount it.  This was the feature that sold us, since the hitch mount makes it possible to bring the NO-MAR along to the track.


How well the NO-MAR machine works depends on several factors.  Are you new to tire changing?  Can you watch a video and follow instructions?  If so, you'll learn quickly and marvel at the ease with which you can change a tire using this setup.  On the other hand, are you an experienced rubber swapper who's used competing brands of equipment and therefore have no need of an instructional video?  Oh buddy, you're in for a fight!  The NO-MAR system was designed with a "clean sheet of paper" mentality.  Some changes in technique will be required if you've used other machines.  How do we know?  Before acquiring this test unit, we'd previously had a number of sweaty, painful and frustrating experiences when using NO-MAR systems belonging to others.  Hey, why watch an instructional video if you already know what you're doing, right?  Um, Yeah....  It's amazing what happens if you'll simply bring a laptop and the supplied DVD out to the garage, clear your mind of what you think you know and allow yourself to learn.  In retrospect, we'd suggest having a helper with clean hands to operate the laptop while you figure out how to work the machine, rather than trying to remember the whole process after having watched the video beforehand in the house.  By referencing the video step-by-step while actually performing the task, even a veteran of other brands can learn to do quick, easy tire swaps with a NO-MAR.



The NO-MAR Classic Model is priced at $645 for just the changer and a basic accessory kit or $875 with a balancer and an extensive list of accessories.  Either gives you the option to choose either a floor mount or the trailer hitch setup that we're demonstrating in the accompanying photos.  The unit we're testing here was acquired used, which is a rare thing indeed, since most NO-Mar purchasers will likely ask to be buried with their changers.  Our equipment's previous owner had chosen the $675 package and the $120 balancer option, which makes for a nice setup at an attractive $795 price.


If you're used to paying $25 per wheel to have your rubber swapped, you'd have to change 32 tires to break even on the Classic Model and balancer that we're featuring here.  Yes, that's a lot of rubber but there's more to the equation.  Consider what the combination of time, money and your peace of mind is worth.  For many of us living in the new economic reality of powersports, the trip to the neighborhood bike shop may now involve No_Mar_comp_2crossing more than one county line.  If you have to drive 100 miles round trip and when you arrive, the shop doesn't want to swap your tires while you wait, your frustration has already justified this purchase.  If you've ever had a shop scratch or bend one of your wheels or brake rotors during a tire change, the peace of mind earned by doing the job yourself will pay for this machine.  Ever needed to swap a tire at the track and there was no vendor present?  What effect did that have on your day?  Bring your own changer along and that will never be a problem again!  Besides, once it gets around that you have a tire machine, you'll become the most popular guy in town.  Heck, we've known a few people who bought themselves a NO-MAR and claimed that their garage beer refrigerator never again went empty.

The bottom line is that if you stay in the sport for more than a season, you need a tire changer.  That decision made, the NO-MAR Classic Model is likely your best value and if you opt for the hitch mount, you can bring it along to the track.  We can assure you that once you've spent the money, you'll never regret it.  A tire machine from NO-Mar is simply a must-have piece of equipment.

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