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Trackskinz has introduced a new premium glove to compliment their product lineup.

  Regular readers will recall that in 2011, TrackdayMag.com associate David Vaughn chose Trackskinz leathers Trackskinz_TGR_1st_cropfor his attempt at making an AMA grid, as recounted in the article, "My Weekend as a Rock Star."  Then and since, that set of leathers has generated many positive comments for their attractive design and styling, being admired by riders and race fans alike.  With the new TGR-4 gloves, Trackskinz has once again come up with a design that successfully merges protection, comfort and style.

Exotic materials are in abundance here.  The shell of each glove is cowhide with strong, stretchy kangaroo leather on the palms and ultra-durable stingray hide used for additional protection over the outer wrist and heel of each hand, which are likely areas of abrasion.  Plastic guards armor each knuckle, with a split design across the back of the fist to provide additional flexibility and comfort.  Velcro closures ensure that once you've strapped them on, these gloves won't be flinging themselves off your hand in a tumble.  The pinky and ring fingers of each glove are connected by a leather bridge, which helps to protect the little finger from breakage; (A common occurrence in high speed getoffs) by keeping it close to its bigger brother.  The TGR-4’s are well-constructed, using double stitching throughout the gloves, which should prevent them from exploding during a vTrackskinz_TGR_Glove_fingersiolent crash. The gloves also use a “proprietary GripTex material” on the palm and inside thumb to provide extra grip on the handlebars.

Over two days of testing in excessively hot, sweaty conditions, our tester liked their comfort and feel. He forgot about them while riding, which is the surefire indicator that a piece of gear is not hindering movement or taking attention away from the task at hand. In addition to their protective qualities, these gloves are also very appealing to the eye; an asset which we've grown to expect as standard equipment from this style conscious company.  Trackskinz TGR-4 gloves sell for $229, or when added to a suit order, you can get them for just $129!  Available colors include black, white/black, red/white/black or blue/white/black.  They can be ordered through the Trackskinz website, or by calling (352)213-3585.


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