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A response worthy of consideration

(Editor's note 1:  During the 2012 track season, we tested, then later crash tested a  pair of Falco ESO 307 motorcycle boots.  Recently, we were contacted by Falco regarding the crash test article.  The company wished to express their stance on our results.  At Falco's request, we're publishing their email, unedited except for a few spelling changes. )

Dear Mr.Onwiler,

my name is Mattia Foscarini and I am responsible of Sales & Marketing here at FALCO boots company in Italy.

Falco_first_imageOur U.S. distributing partner recently forwarded us your crash-test review that has been duly considered also within our company as a proper moment of market and testing feedback.

Being the direct manufacturer of the boots we trust some considerations are needed to clarify the testing results and possibly also enhance your knowledge over boots-making processes.

From your accurately detailed description of the crash developments we understood that the rider fell during a fast, right-hand curve and then lost suddenly the front-end tyre grip.

In the conditions of knee-down to ground and bike falling on top of foot the most common result is a high crashing-and-scraping pressure on external side toe of the boot.

As your clear pictures and post-crash inspection confirm, the pressure of bike on top of the toe must have been in a fast speed condition and for sure the boot was snagged by the footpeg, but sure not for such limited timing; that is confirmed by the extreme wearing out happened to our one-piece moulded P.U. toe reinforcement (named by us Tech-Toe).

In this specific case we are sure that our P.U. toe reinforcement has not definitely contributed in saving riders front toes since in any other boots brand this parts is made of leather and as you can easily agree the abrasion and tearing resistance of a 2mm. Polyurethane plastic outer part is surely higher than a cowhide leather insert.

This performance has been confirmed in our tests run by independent external laboratories accredited by European Union for achieving C.E. certification.

In addiction we wish to inform that the white coloured material you see under our Tech-toe P.U. reinforcement is the only thermal reacting reinforcement that us and all other manufacturer can use to shape up the toe during lasting manufacturing process. None of our or any other brands boots in the market feature an armor (of steel or other stiff material) as you recommend since it is not requested by riders; riders in fact need to feel at best the gear-shift and not want to be feeling like in a worker engineering boot where law specifically requires a stiff armor insert!

Therefore, considering all our above explanations, we hope you can eventually reconsider your position in saying the you "never seen a boot fail like this" and that in this case the crashing of the boot and the safe toes can be in a positive direct link one-to-other.

For our company quality and safe riding conditions and more important than any other sales result and would be pleased to cooperate again in future to show evolution steps that every year we add to our top racing products: for instance in 2013 racing season we will equip a World MotoGP rider with the ESO boot + an inner removable bootie featuring innovative "D3O" (www.d3o.com) shock absorbing material.

In the end, we thank you again for your kind availability into considering FALCO products and would extremely appreciate if you could add-on together with your past review also our e-mail as, by showing your cooperation with manufacturers, you would bring "Track-day reviewing mag" even to a higher market acceptance level.

Thank for you kind attention/Best regards,

Mattia Foscarini

Falco sales & marketing

(Editor's note 2:  We feel that Mr. Foscarini did a very good job of explaining his company's stance on this issue, especially given that this email was written in English by an Italian.  We respect this effort by Falco and decided to publish it.  We must admit that yes, our tester suffered no injury in this crash.  We'll leave our readers to form their own opinions)

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